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Common Risks for Commercial Drivers

Because many people drive every single day, they tend to forget how dangerous it really is. But just because people are accustomed to driving does not mean they are safe while doing so. For commercial drivers especially, driving involves regularly travelling at high speeds on congested motorways.

Many drivers make the mistake of believing they are invincible behind the wheel. Commercial drivers spend so much time on the road that driving begins to feel like second nature. But be careful—complacence begets carelessness.

As an employer or manager of commercial drivers, you must ensure your employees stay alert behind the wheel and avoid the numerous and varied risks on the road. Educate yourself and your employees on the following dangerous everyday driving risks.

Driver Fatigue

Tired drivers are lethal. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency estimates that one-fifth of accidents on motorways may be caused by drivers falling asleep while driving. Although commercial drivers often feel they are able to drive for long stretches without a wink of sleep, they will eventually need to stop and rest. Continue reading